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White River Dentist

Comprehensive family dentistry for over 40 years in the Upper Valley

Our Mission

Serving the community one smile at a time!

The Dental Office of Drs. Schramm, Symancyk, and Klampert is a friendly, comprehensive family dental practice. We strive to offer the highest quality dentistry available while working with our patients to create affordable treatment plans. We are committed to providing a caring and nurturing environment for our patients and ourselves.

We value long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. We are committed to surrounding ourselves with people whom we enjoy and care about.

We promise to continue to learn and grow to be the best that we can be. 

First Time Visitor?

We welcome you to join our family dental practice! Call us today at 802-295-2458 to schedule your first appointment.

What you need to know About Your First Visit  

First Visit Checklist:

  • Completed and signed New Patient forms
  • Your Rights & Privacy: HIPAA
  • Medications list
  • Completed and signed HIPPA contact sheet
  • Consent form
  • Arrangements for previous x-rays and treatment history to be emailed to us
  • Insurance Card with subscriber date of birth and ID number
  • Photo ID
  • Co-payment for any non insurance covered treatment
  • Remove all jewelry including facial jewelry