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Steps to Sterilize

What steps do you take to ensure that your instruments are sterilized?

All instruments are first placed into an ultrasonic bath, where all debris is removed. The instruments are then rinsed and dried before being packed or wrapped in heat sensitive steri-bags or wraps. The bags and tape have indicators that change color to show that the proper temperature for sterilization has been reached in one of our autoclaves.


Our autoclaves are cleaned and maintained weekly to keep them running at optimal levels. We also perform a more in-depth monthly maintenance and run a biological test once a week, which we send to the Biological Monitoring Service in Englewood, CO for verification and documentation.   

Each patient's treatment room is individually set-up for their specific procedure with safety and sterility in mind. In your treatment room, virtually anything that you or we touch is either a disposable item, or is decontaminated and/or sterilized. You will see protective covers on the Dentist’s and Assistant’s work trays and light handles. Head rest covers are changed for each patient, and the chairs and all surfaces are wiped down with a hospital-grade disinfectant, decontaminant cleaner. We work hard to make sure that there is no chance for cross-contamination. We wear gloves, masks and protective eyewear. We also provide protective eyewear for you, which we clean and decontaminate after each use.   

We will be happy to answer any questions you have and will gladly give you a tour of our Steri-Center.