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Periodontic Services

A Comprehensive Overview of our Periodontic Services

The number one reason for tooth loss is because of periodontal disease. The word periodontal refers to the tissues and ligaments surrounding and supporting your teeth.

Symptoms of early periodontitis include persistent bad breath, bleeding when you brush or floss, and the gums becoming soft and tender. Left untreated, the gums start to pull away from the tooth and bone will be lost, causing the tooth to become loose. If the disease is not treated, tooth loss is unavoidable.

We offer a wide range of periodontal treatment, beginning with root plane and curettage, soft tissue surgery and surgery to correct the damaged bone affected by the disease. We also will develop a home-care plan for you and determine how often you need to return for Periodontal Maintenance visits with one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. 

It is important to remember that once the bone has been lost, it is gone forever. However, recent advances allow us, in some instances, to perform a procedure that will help to regenerate bone. Early intervention is crucial in maintaining your periodontal health.