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Mercury Concerns

I've heard that silver metal fillings contain Mercury. Is this dangerous?

While silver-metal (amalgam) fillings have been banned in Europe, the FDA and ADA, after their own research, have approved the use of these fillings in the United States.


Removing older silver-metal (amalgam) fillings for the express purpose of replacing them with other materials causes undo exposure to mercury vapors, and is therefore not encouraged. However, when it is necessary to re-do these fillings, in most instances it is appropriate to use alternative filling materials. Because of the heavier pressure placed on molars, those restorations sometimes require the strength that amalgam restorations supply, but for bicuspids and front teeth, composite-resin based restorations are a great option.


Each Dentist in our office may have different proclivities than the other, but either filling material is appropriate and acceptable.

Keep in mind that your dental plan may not allow benefits for non-amalgams filling placed in your bicuspids and molars. If you choose a composite-resin for aesthetics, or if your Dentist recommends a composite-resin for retention or other reasons, and your insurance has this limitation, you will be responsible to pay any difference in the fees between amalgam and composite restorations.

We are happy to review your restorative options and answer any questions you may have regarding your dental plan limitations.