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A Comprehensive Overview of our Denture Services

What do you do when you lose teeth? Of course, it is best to replace them, but how? While crowns, bridges or implants are often the best, they often are the most expensive treatment option. Removable appliances provide an excellent and less expensive alternative.

Missing teeth can affect how you bite, what you eat, and how much stress you place on your remaining teeth. Lost teeth can affect your appearance as well as cause muscle pain and even headaches.

We have many options from the simplest removable plastic “flipper” for replacing one or two teeth to complete or partial removable dentures that will replace many teeth with one appliance.

When all your teeth are missing, or must be removed, we can make a conventional complete denture with or without implants for support.

When many, but not all teeth are missing, a removable partial denture can be utilized. It can be made entirely of newer plastics or with a metal-to-plastic combination where the remaining teeth help to hold and support the partial denture. These partial dentures will have an external metal clasp around the supporting, or anchor teeth, or an internal precision clasp that fits under a crowned tooth for a more stable and aesthetic appearance.

We can take care of all your removable appliance needs, whether repairing metal clasps, adding teeth or relining an old denture to make them fit and function better. Because we use local dental laboratories, most repairs can be completed promptly and professionally.