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A Comprehensive Overview of our Crown and Bridge Services

When a tooth has severely broken down
and needs a restoration, sometimes the best choice is a crown. Our office provides several choices when a crown is necessary. 

Precision- crafted crowns
fabricated by one of our local dental laboratories are made of gold or high-noble metals. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are recommended when a tooth colored crown is indicated. Crowns made at the laboratory typically require two visits, and we will make you a temporary crown to wear while your permanent crown is being made. Generally, you can expect two to three weeks for the crown to be completed. 

We also provide CAD-CAM technology to make you a single crown in our office. These crowns involve no messy impressions and take just one visit. Made from ceramic, they are very strong, and using our computer, we will custom design a natural looking crown. We feel this type of crown saves you time, the inconvenience of having to return for a second or third appointment, and is much better for your gum tissues. 

To view more information along with visual examples visit cerec.com

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth in an arch and don’t want removable dentures to fill the missing spaces, we can create a Bridge to replace the missing tooth. In a Bridge, an artificial tooth is connected onto either side with a crown and permanently cemented to the anchor teeth. As in single unit crowns, bridges are precision-crafted by one of our local laboratories and require two to three visits, and two to three weeks from start to finish. Modern bridges can be constructed with all porcelain material for the more visible areas of your mouth where aesthetics are a concern. 

Other bridges that function well are Cantilever Bridge or a Maryland Bridge. A cantilever bridge is similar to a conventional bridge, but instead of a crown on either side of the missing tooth, the false tooth is connected to a single crown. A Maryland bridge is a false tooth with wing-like attachments that are cemented to the backs of the adjacent teeth, but they are only recommended for your front teeth.